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Not as bad as it sounds... (cross-posting as we speak)

I work at a resort/hotel, and several nights a week I work the audit shift, which means I work all night (11-7am). It's slow, uneventful, blah blah blah. At 7am I crawl to my car, climb in, and head home, listening to NPR skip in and out of the static bliss that is the Texas Hill Country. It's a fifteen minute ride home, with portions of highway that let me break away from the stodgy 50 MPH to 70-75. Once I hit the road toward home I speed at 60 through several gravel covered turns. Finally, I pull up to my house, open my door... and hear something that sounds like a child screaming from one of the rich folks summer homes. Then, I chill as I realize it's a cat crying.

My parents have three cats, including lilrivkah's.

I just knew I ran over one, I just knew it. I walked slowly around the car, dreading a gooey mess under one tire, an intact cat head screaming at me in garbled cat curses...

No cat.

So I must have hit one and had it bounce up into the undercarriage.. but I knew I didn't hit anything. What I found can only be shown in pictures.

Had to crawl on my back to get these next shots:

It's a stray from around the resort. It must have been sleeping on the spare when I hopped in, and rode the whole way home, screaming its fool head off. It appears to be alright, alert, and it moved around on top of the tire to get away from the camera.

I watched it till it settled down. It's still under there. No idea how to get her out.

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